Risk Management / Loss Control

Hecht-Stout Insurance offers general liability, fleet, and employee risk control services that can help you continuously improve workplace safety, mitigate injury and illness, and reduce costs.  Our risk control services focus on four major objectives:

  • Minimizing and Eliminating Your Total Cost of Risk
  • Applying Expertise
  • Developing Sustainable Solutions
  • Providing a Multi-Channel Delivery Approach

Risk Management is the evaluation of the probability of a harmful event occurring. It also involves reducing risk, assessing costs of reducing risk, and determining how to reduce exposure to the costs associated with a harmful event.  To practice effective risk management, begin by creating a problem-solving plan and implementing the plan on a timely basis.

Implementing risk management practices helps:

  • Protect your assets
  • Preserve your limits of insurance
  • Control your insurance costs
  • Reduce the possibility you will be involved in protracted legal disputes

Risk management allows you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

"When my husband and I switched from our old insurance provider to Hecht-Stout, Greg personally call to tell me how much we would be saving a year. With my old insurance provider, I would rarely hear from my agent." - Kala P.- Peoria, IL