Asset Protection / Retention

The appropriate use of life insurance not only can provide heirs with funds to pay final expenses and estate taxes, regardless of the tax exemption level.  It also can help some consumers and business owners reduce their annual tax liability.  At Hecht-Stout Insurance, we offer guaranteed products and use plan designs that include no speculative component.

Advanced business planning can assist you in answering the tough questions associated with recruiting, retaining or replacing key employees who are critical to the success of your business.  Hecht-Stout Insurance has a wide array of life insurance and annuity products to meet your business planning needs.

Key Employee BenefitsKey employee life insurance coverage protects your business.  It can provide the capital needed to find, hire and train a new employee.  It can cover the economic impact your business encounters with the loss of an essential employee.

Business ContinuationYour business continuation plan can establish the value of your business for estate taxes.  And prevent ownership of your business from transferring into the wrong hands.  You can reassure your creditors that your business remains a good credit risk, and your employees can rest easier knowing that should something happen, the business will continue.

Disability ProtectionA total disability due to illness or injury could deplete, if not devastate your personal assets.  In addition, health costs rise because of the needs for physical therapy or special equipment.  A disability income insurance policy can help minimize the impact of such a devastating occurrence.

Business Overhead ProtectionBusiness professional often overlook the risk that disability poses to the continuation of fixed office overhead expenses.  During a business owner’s disability, a loss of income may cause not only personal financial hardship but also strain on the business itself.  Fixed business expenses continue to be incurred regardless of cash flow.  Adding Business Overhead Protection to your disability income policy can provide coverage for those fixed expenses while you are disabled.

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- Jill C.- Peoria, IL